Hillary-Krishna breakfast meet ends in chaos

It was supposed to be an informal breakfast meeting to discuss bilateral ties in a relaxed backdrop. But the meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Indian External Affairs minister S M Krishna evolved into chaos and anarchy with both sides suffering collateral damage due to unforeseen and undesirable turn of events. Presenting a blow-by-blow account only on your favourite blog.

At the breakfast table. Hillary's idli can be seen in
her plate
The meeting started at 7:00 in the morning with Hillary and Krishna shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. As soon as the two sides settled in their chairs, Krishna stood up to speak and pulled his prepared speech from his folder below the table. As soon as he read out the speech, there was stunned silence in the hall as the minister was reading out the breakfast menu instead of his speech.

Startled Hillary who had just gulped an idli, almost chocked and started gasping for air. The secret service guys who were protecting her saw the whole thing and split into two teams. One team assisted Hillary in recovering from the chubby Idli, while another rushed to the kitchen and started an inquiry to determine who prepared the delinquent idli (marked idli 4a). A delighted chef, who thought these security guys had come to thank him on behalf of Hillary, gratefully acknowledged his culinary creation. Even before he could finish his sentence of ownership, the secret service guys pounced on him, thulped him and dragged him away.

In the same hotel, a team from the television series CID were doing a shoot. The episode was about a foreigner who schemes with her married Indian boyfriend to knock off his wife. Since the secret service guys were busy unravelling the idli controversy, the dining hall was left  unguarded with only two agents standing with Hillary. Thanks to a production mistake, the CID team led by ACP barged into the hall and started searching for a foreigner sitting with an Indian.

Looking at the hall, ACP commented "Kuchh to gadbad hai daya is room ka chappa chappa chaan maroo koi na koi suraag toh zaroor milega (something is amiss here. Search every nook and corner of this room). Then spotting Hillary sitting alongside Krishna, the ACP went and asked the Secretary of State right away (without realising who she was). “Oh toh yahan hain memsaahaab, do do khoon karkey” (So you are sitting here after committing 2 murders). Flummoxed by the turn of events, Hillary chose to stay silent while Krishna simply said “we are monitoring the situation”. An angry ACP then said “laghta hain yeh yahan muh nahin kholenghey inhey bureau ley chalo. Us sey pehley, Daya, iska nailpolish check karoo agar red color hain toh khooni yahii hain (They will not speak here, let us take them to our CID bureau but before that check her (Hillary’s) nailpolish. If she is wearing a red one, she is the killer).

By this time, the security agents were back and they saw ACP threatening Hillary.  Two of them jumped on ACP but Daya came in between, picked the agents by their belts and threw them outside the window. Before things could get worse, senior officials from both sides took over the situation and asked all non-essential staff to move out. Hillary and Krishna then moved into another private hall and continued their meeting sans breakfast. There was no official word on the whole episode from either side.  


Nitin Jain said…
thankfully Daya has not used his all-mighty slap after which all the criminals and convicts start blabbering out their complete track record :)
hahah :) I guess he was saving it for last... ;)

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