Saif Ali Khan launches new book

Not to be left behind in celebrating World Book Day, literary connoisseur and economy-sized nawab Saif Ali Khan launched his second book at a private launch ceremony in Mumbai today. Humor Unplugged could only manage to take a snap before our reporter was punched and thrown out.

Saif is the author of the book. While he was busy looking for weenies to punch and scream at, we managed to speak to his lady love Kareena Kapoor.  "Saif was provoked. He’s a thorough botox free gentleman and would never get into a brawl, especially with women around. Whatever is being said is completely one-sided. This man is publicity-hungry. How can a man with a broken nose and jaw speak continuously on TV for more than 10 hours. He had a flat plateau nose even before Saif touched him," she said. When we asked her to comment on the book, Kareeena said "oh that. Well its a book and its got pages. It is black on the outside and the pages are white in color and it has got lots of sentences inside it and even now I maintain that Saif was provoked. He is a through..". We left the interview there. 


indu chhibber said…
What a description of a book-no wonder you left the interview there...lovely!!..this is known as short & sweet.
Thanks a ton Indu :) with Kareena, one doesntneed words ;)) you just make faces and dance ;) thats acting in her book
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Kareena's take on the book is mind blowing. We don't know that much about any book...:)
hahaha :D Saru :)))))))))))))))) she is a pure thought leader ;))
Tia said…
i think the gentleman must have said 'kareena is the best actress!'.... that must have been the last straw for saif! :P
hahaha :) quite possible doo ;))
Sujatha Sathya said…
economy sized! that's a new one for Saif
and Kareena's description of the book - bang on :D

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