Google is now an Apple Inc subsidiary

Inspite of our repeated warnings, Google continues to appease its masters in China. The latest provocation comes in the form of a completely distorted and untrue google map that shows Assam as a part of China. While the prevalence of low IQ in the clowns running Google is understandable, we didn't realise they were so stupid and god particle-brained. Eitherway, we are sure the Indian government wont do anything on this. So we have gone ahead and plotted our little citizen revenge on Google to show our absolute disgust at its shameless conduct. From today onwards, Humor Unplugged will call Google as Apple's wholly owned subsidiary and nothing less.  Here is a screenshot of google's new landing page, post Apple takeover.



Revacious said…
Gosh is this true??
Inn google-waalon ki maa ki teriyaki..
wait, Apple Google IS more insulting, and I won't have to wash out my mouth (or hands, since I'm typing?)
Its true the story in Tehelka today :( these clowns at google were never good at geography...
Saru Singhal said…
Good, I m proud of you. Seriously, I think everybody bow downs in front of China.
Hey thanks Saru...someone had to do long can we ignore chinese belligerence and google's subservience?
Leo Paw said…
OMG. I've been depending on GPS with google maps when I drive. Imagine, I would have reached china if I drove to Assam completely depending on them.. ;)

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