Bhupendra Chaubey wanted to go cycling with Akilesh Yadav, gets thrashed

Bhupendra Chaubey had gone cycling with the new UP CM Akilesh Yadav just few days back before elections. But when the CNN-IBN journo went for an encore after SP won the UP polls, not only was he not allowed to meet Yadav Jr, but was mercilessly thrashed and dumped on an abandoned air field outside Lucknow.

Though SP sources have not confirmed or denied the event, eyewitnesses confirmed the veracity of the whole episode. “Chaubey came for another round of cycling with our new CM and he was roughed up instantly, wrapped in a sack and dumped inside an abandoned airfield. His cycle was in worse shape as one of our resident goons ran a road roller over it. We only need media before polls and once polls are over and we have won, these media people should be shown the door,” a SP activist said.

Chaubey's cycle 
CNN-IBN group editor Rajdeep Sardesai has condemned the incident and called for an independent enquiry to bring the culprits to justice. According to sources, he will not be applying jackfruit juice on his hair this whole week in protest.

Akilesh Yadav was not available for comment. A spokesperson for his nose refused to confirm or deny the incident.  


indu chhibber said…
Is it Akhilesh's turn now ?
Yeap according to his sure is Indu..
Anonymous said…
I meant is he going to be your new target now ?
Yea Indu, he is the latest addition to the list ;)
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...BTW, Is the new CM good?

And why sarkhapaee is restoring to such hair treatments?
:D no idea Saru...and rajcreep uncle is always trying out new things to keep his hair young ;)

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