Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone ready to date politicians; Sibal says no way

Serial daters and wannabe actors Priyanka ‘home wrecker’ Chopra and Deepika ‘date anything famous’ Padukone have indicated that they are ready and eager to date politicians. In separate interactions with page three journos and bloggers in Mumbai, both actors came out strongly in favor of dating politicians as they were tired of dating other celebs.

Delhi abhi duur nahin...
“I wouldn’t rule that out. So far I have dated men from Bollywood and would like to move on now. If you guys have some good suggestions, I am all ears. See I have 7 flats in Mumbai and each one is for a guy from a different profession. One of those is reserved for a politician irrespective of his SQ (Sliminess quotient). Besides, I have always wanted a boyfriend who has a car with a beacon light as then the party starts as soon as you step outside your house,” a beaming Priyanka Chopra said in response to query from a scribe.

“I move in and out of relationships like a gopher during monsoon. So I am equally at ease dating all kinds of creepies and politicians are more than welcome. You shouldn't forget the fact that I am here to try out all kinds of guys; so the more variety you offer, the better your chances are of dating me, till you run into bad times and we split. But my preference here is very clear. I only want to date guys sitting in that big wheel shaped building in New Delhi (apparent reference to parliament we assume),” Deepika Padukone said.

When the news reached the Indian government, the union cabinet went into a quick huddle (quicker than a typical Virender Sehwag inning) and decided to deploy Kapil Sibal to ward off the actors. “We cannot afford any more bad luck we already have our hands full and we don’t need these actors to cause any further trouble,” a senior union minister said.

Sources have told Humor Unplugged that the government is wary of these actors because of the bad luck they have brought on their former lovers. The government has seen enough jinxed stuff and is trying to avoid anything that could even remotely shake the boat at this point of time when elections are on in key states. Kapil Sibal will be flying off to Mumbai on Monday to talk to various cine associations to bring pressure on both actors to avoid dating politicians, especially those from the ruling coalition.


Leo Paw said…
Ha ha ha.. Good one! they are finally into it. Looks like some1 will have a tough time restricting the HW and DAF.
BTW,what is the opposition's stand?
:) thanks Leo...Oppn?? You mean Subramanian Swamy..he is busy filing cases againt the doesnt have time to worry about such things :)
indu chhibber said…
now what could be the theory behind their choices-survival of the fittest,or fattest(in terms of b.balance)or what ?i m totally confused.
:) the theory is simple "stay in news" :)
Saru Singhal said…
*Bow Down*
Most hilarious line read ever...
"Serial daters and wannabe actors Priyanka ‘home wrecker’ Chopra and Deepika ‘date anything famous’ Padukone"

hahah :D yea Saru...hop thats an apt description for the two clowns ;)
Sujatha Sathya said…
what's gopher?

i always enjoy digs at DK's penchant for loaded guys & so loved the line "date anything famous' :D

and netas will always be ones with vested interests - women who bring in bad omen -kept at a distance till the point it suits them to :)
:)) true Sujatha yea am sure Kingfisher will do well once Jr mallya move on...and gopher is basically a burrowing rodent :)

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