Osama reappears, US-Pak ties back on track

In what has been described as indescribable by CIA sleuths engaged in anti-terror ops, Osama’s ghost seems to have come back to haunt the US.

A pattern on a cloud resembling dead and decomposed terrorist Osama Bin Laden made its appearance in a remote Pakistani city on Friday, according to agency reports coming from Islamabad. The pattern appeared for almost an hour and was witnessed by a huge crowd that had gathered at a religious rock concert organized by the Tehr-eeks-e-Taliban. As soon as the pattern appeared, many Stone Age fossil mullahs feel on their feet and started head banging in celebration.
Cloudy Osama

CIA HQ in Langley was immediately informed of the development by the Pakistan government. By late evening (PST), US government resumed stalled talks with Pakistan, and the latter's foreign ministry promptly presented a bill of US$ 2 billion to take on the condensed vapor version of the dreaded terrorist.

“The US government understands the gravity of the situation and appreciates the help offered by Pakistani government in this regard. We are analyzing the next course of action and will update you as and when we come to a conclusion,” a tersely worded statement issued by US state department stated.

Meanwhile Pak president Zardari had to be rushed to Dubai for treatment after he complained of severe pain in his thumb. He was reportedly playing a Chinese video game when the incident happened. Sources say that Zardari, had played the Doraemon game for almost 9 hours non-stop before panicking.    

Your favorite blog has got the only pic available of cloudy Osama. We have been advised by CIA not to share this with our readers. Which is one of the reasons why we have published this story.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL...A ghost of terrorist past:)I wanted it to sound like that Hollywood flick. BTW, he was playing video game for 9 hours. Now, I understand the reason behind Pakistan state of affairs.

Damn CIA, how can they tell what to do to our favorite blog?

We have to issue a fatwa against CIA...
:D:D true Saru..it is a ghost alright and the last thing that US wanted..and Zardari has never grown up...so have the rest of the Pakistani leadership...yea and we dont listen to any CIA...;)

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