Too early to cry: Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar who was slapped by a known ‘assailant’, today evening, has told Humor Unplugged that he will not cry so soon, since the matter is sub-judice and he does not want to react as of now.     

Congress leaders mourn
the attack
“I will cry at an appropriate time. Right now my cheek which has some reptilian tissue embedded there after my last operation is comfortably numb. So there is no need to cry. Besides, it takes a while for my mind to register pain and suffering of all types. And thank god it is me; if it was someone else’s pain, it would have taken me atleast 10 years to empathize and that probably is why I don’t understand what this fuss about inflation and price rise is all about” Pawar said.
“The matter is sub-judice and that is one excuse I am quoting in the media for not reacting as of now,” he added.  Pawar denied that he had to use the restroom after the attack. "I just had to briefly visit a nearby field for official reasons. But I didnt use the restroom," he said.

The exclusive video of Pawar getting slapped


induchhibber said…
A slap a day, keeps boredom away !
:D it sure keep the media on its toes Indu :)
LeoPaw said…
Looks like we have moved from Annian principles to slapian principles to fight corruption.

Indu, may I modify ur statement : 'A slap a day keeps Inflation away.'
Sujatha Sathya said…
& the way the other netas are condemning it shows how scared they are that their turn may be next!
good post. right on time. as always :)
:) True LeoPaw..sometimes people need to be reminded of a few things...
Thanks Sujatha :) I hope Harvinder is carrying a list with him...I know its brutal and kind of uncivilized...but then our leaders do not understand any other language ..
Saru Singhal said…
Now, slapping is a rage...
:D quite true Saru..quite true...throwing shoes is a passe now :)

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