Sharad Pawar embraces rock post-slapgate

Sharad Pawar, union agriculture minister, has turned a new leaf or so he would like us to believe.
The 'inflation champ' has claimed that the recent slap he received from Harvinder Singh has transformed him and made him aware of certain realities he was hitherto ignorant of. In an exclusive skype chat with Humor Unplugged he claimed that the slap made him realize the suffering of the common man and that he had decided to turn rebel now.

Pawar's new look
“The slap was my rockstar moment. It changed everything for me. Earlier I could not see why people had to create a scene over rising prices. Now I am able to identify with them and have turned to rock music to express my feelings. I am turning into a state rebel and I will be a constitutional rockstar operating within the purview of the Indian constitution to resolve people’s problems especially with respect to inflation,” Pawar said adding a smiley.

According to sources close to Pawar, when he came home on that eventful day, Pawar threw all the files aside and bolted his room from inside. Fearing the worst, few of his staff members broke the door down after Pawar didn't budge from the room after staying there for 11 hours. When he came out, he was a changed man. Wearing a 3 kg wig that External affairs minister S M Krishna used to wear in his younger days, Pawar got hold of a bike and rode off. His daughter saw him a few days back at a local cafe where he was crooning 'Its my life'.

Humor Unplugged visited one of his official rebirth concerts where alleged actor Malika Sherawat  turned up to witness Sharad Pawar perform. The lady was quite impressed by Pawar but refused to share a comment with us.

Mallika Sherawat enjoying the


Gargi Gupta said…
Really- We should be slapping him daily then so that he does not lose touch ...oh come on, its for his own good :P
Hi Gargi :) biiig warm welcome to humor unplugged :)))) i am totally for it...pawar should be given one slap every day till he learns to remember inflation on his own with out any help from others :)
LeoPaw said…
Looks like the rest of them are expecting a change as well. I can see a lot of people declaring their commitment to "deflate" these days.
:) yea lots of commitment flying around yaar...from the very people who commit to offer a people-friendly government every 5 years...:(
Tia said…
he looks like a cross between stevie wonder and a poodle! :P ...wat a great post PJ :)
Saru Singhal said…
Dude, I can't say much about the post as HU sources are always top notch. But, pictures are super cool...:)

Rock On!!!
:) thanks Saru :) thanks a ton for the rocking comment :)))

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