Other not so well known FDIs

All kinds of people are saying all kinds of things against FDI in retail. Thought retail FDI is well known, its equally controversial cousins are not so well known.

Humor Unplugged has collated a list of other relatively unknown FDIs..
Harvard economists protesting FDI in retail 

  • US in Pakistan – Foreign Direct Invasion
  • China across LAC - Foreign Direct Intrusion
  • Mahesh Bhatt in Big Boss – Foreign Direct Irritant 
  • Kingfisher - Forged Dud Investment
  • iPhone 4s pricing in India - Foreign Direct Ignorance
  • Pakistan granting MFN status to India - Foreign Direct Insecurity
  • Alive Ajmal Kasab - Foreign Direct Irony  
  • Insecure China at Bali Summit – Foreign Direct Insecurity 
  • Slap on Pawar - Fearless Direct Investment   
  • Slap on Karunanidhi - Favorable Direct Investment   
  • Sunny Leone - Fizzing Direct Investment 


Gargi Gupta said…
FDI Post...If you're wondering what that is-FunDoo & Intelligent :)
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...NOthing can beat the awesomeness of this post. Dude, even you're after Sunny...
:D hahah Yea Gargi..now thats smthing even politicians should agree on :)))
:D hahah Yea Gargi..now thats smthing even politicians should agree on :)))
thanks Saru :) actually the sunny part was from hindustan times...did u see their headline on her the other day? "nation is smitten by sunny" :))) gosh...what ignoramuses...
Sujatha Sathya said…
your brain is one of its kind
so many other FDIs :DDDD
Thanks again Sujatha..you comments are as always supercool :)

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