Congress labs launches Diggi on i-pad

New app will help user dish out a range of excuses and bullcrap to divert attention from a crisis.

Congress Labs, Congress’ self-described technology playground, has launched a ‘Diggi’ application available on i-phones and i-pads to help users tap Diggi’s twisted brain to derive excuses and ideas to divert attention from all kinds of  problems. The app, based on over a decade of Diggi research, is now available for free download from the party’s website.

“This indeed opens up a new frontier for us. For over a year we have been flooded with requests from employees, contractors, international leaders and even nerds for developing an application that harnesses the power of Diggi to bull$hit 24X7. It can also integrate with popular email platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail etc to help people create bullcrap as you type,” said Chavvani Lal, project lead with Congress Labs.

Diggi’s Chacha's (as he is fondly called in Congress circles) diversionary powers are legendary and opposition parties such as BJP have found it difficult, if not impossible, to break his diversionary tactics and bring focus back on an issue of national significance.  Sources have gone so far as to say that BJP patriarch L K Advani is still worried that a single statement from Diggi could derail his now on Rath Yatra.

So how does the app work? On click, a character resembling Diggi appears on the screen and prompts the user to key in the problem. Once that is done, the app throws up multiple scenarios (based on keywords entered by the user while keying in the problem) that the user could use to divert attention. In some cases it even suggests creating a new problem that will hog enough attention to avoid focus on an existing problem.

Sources in Congress Labs say that the device has already been downloaded by over 27,000 people and it has been rumoured that the government of Iran might use it to create a diversionary fog to avoid increasing international scrutiny of its nuclear programme. “We feel that other than folks connected with government, the app will be downloaded most by managers lacking leadership skills and have risen to authority by sheer luck or bootlicking,” a Labs source said.


magiceye said…
that was a brilliantly barbed take!
TheBluntBlogger said…
dude! that may actually work :P go code one for android too and i will download :D i need reasons not to cook dinner :D:D
:) Sure Chintan...i need one to manage me neighbors ;))
Saru Singhal said…
I so want this application. Thank you Congress...

I need so many excuses at this time that I can pay double for this

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