China to honor fossils manning the Indian censor board over Tibet

Chinese government is extremely pleased with the censor board’s decision to ask producers of Rockstar to blur images of Tibetan flag in the movie.

Rockstar : the movie
A senior leader of China's ruling Communist party on Monday morning announced that his government will honor the Indian censor board for furthering the fledgling cause of the insecure communist republic's hegemonic ambitions. It may be remembered that the censor board had recently objected to certain scenes concerning Tibet in the yet-to-be-released movie Rockstar and asked producers to edit or remove them.

Yukk Thoo Chin, senior Culture Council Secretary General, said “the Indian censor board has demonstrated maturity and intelligence beyond the call of duty by identifying with the cause of our nation. We are indeed grateful to these (censor board) officials who will soon be inducted as honorable members of the communist party of China. They will also be allowed to import free melamine contaminated milk and lead contaminated toys for sale in India”.

Our map of India
Senior members of the censor board will soon be travelling to China on an all-expenses paid trip sponsored by the Chinese government. In addition to tourist locations, the team will be visiting a few cobalt and zinc mines where the Chinese government tortures enslaved dissenting citizens. The board will also be asked to censor a few Chinese movies as a goodwill gesture in the near future, sources say.

Tibet, a part of the Indian union, has been under Chinese occupation from 1949 onwards. Humor Unplugged has always considered Tibet as an integral part of India. Unlike the anti-national strategic illiterates manning various government bodies, we are not afraid of calling a spade a spade.  Go ahead China, do your worst. 


Saru Singhal said…
You know I find China very irritating specially for what they are doing it to Tibet. A good take on a serious issue...:)
Thanks Saru..yea I fully agree...i mean I dont understand why we act so docile in front of that insecure bully called china...we need to stand up and be counted...
magiceye said…
china also probably will ensure the indian flag is blurred in arunachal!
Knowing those jokers it is quite possible Magic Eye :(....
Sujatha Sathya said…
you are always on top of the latest happenings. that's what i like about your blog. am clueless why we don't send a strong enough message to the chinese. enough harms been done

good post & right on time as always
Thanks a ton Sujatha, yea, even I am unsure as to why we dont take a hard stand against the chinese. Because we dont act tough chinese are encouraged to do more mischief...and whats with the censor board joining the chorus...and no one has made a issue out of it yet...chinese folks will be having a good laugh at our sure :((
Ashish Joshi said…
"demonstrated maturity and intelligence beyond the call of duty" ... ah, what a mockery of being responsible ? very sharp post btw ...
:) Yea Ashish, indeed a very sad state of affairs i must say :(
Avi said…
Very Revolutionary post of very revolutionary blog. This reminds me of an online friend call Prayukht who took against uncivilized politicians with his great sense of humor. Keep up the good work.
Hey thanks Avi...still not able to place you...can you please lift the veil :)))

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