Nature test fires new cloud to ground lightening

Late yesterday evening in Forsyth, Missouri, USA, nature test fired its new and deadly cloud to ground lightening.

The lightening test in progress 
In a sign of its ever decreasing tolerance of politicians and other sinners, nature late Sunday evening test fired its new lightening designed to strike terror and remorse in the hearts of delinquents.  According to our “natural sources” the test was successful and met all designated parameters. The lightening will be tested once again in another part of the world before it joins nature’s arsenal and used extensively to warn and terrorise those who have strayed from the path of humanity.

“At 022:00 hours on Sunday evening, we test fired the new cloud to ground lightening successfully. The test had validated all parameters and the lightening after another round of field trials will be available for deployment in various theaters,” was all that officially came from nature. The US' National Weather Service scientists who witnessed the event were quite impressed by the fireworks. "The sky went pink and then the lights flashed. The accompanying sounds were like the roar of a giant T-Rex that had just cornered its playful prey and I had to rush to the restroom. It was spectacular and for a moment I almost remembered all the sins I have done so far - including wrong weather predictions to prevent my mother-in-law from paying me a visit. Deep inside I was praying and seeking forgiveness from the allmighty," a scientist said.


Hemant said…
Wow!!!! I love the way u imagine...seems ur thinking has no boundary :)
hey thanks Hemant :) its my way of escaping reality ;)
Saru Singhal said…
lol...quite an interesting read...your list of sinners is incomplete, please include RIL in it:)lol...
Saru :) Reliance is among the top sinners in the country...but their sins pale when compared to the likes of Raja, Kalmadi et.all...:(((

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