Intruding F1 stray dogs were protesting corporate apathy

India’s grand entry into Formula One was delayed on Friday when stray dogs interrupted the first-ever practice session at Buddh International Circuit.

So why exactly did the stray dogs do a China and intrude into the $400 million track? When Humor Unplugged contacted a spokesperson for the Straydogs Union of India (SuI) he claimed that the intrusion was in protest against the Jaypee Group showing extraordinary levels of discrimination against stray mongrels in the vicinity of the f1 track. The stray dogs were apparently inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US and wanted to do something similar to draw attention to their plight.

0-60 in 30 secs
“Let them go and check the Bangalore International Airport where the management treats us better than passengers who pay. Thats the kind of treatment we are looking at. BIAL should be a role model for all such projects in the country. No company should treat us as second class citizens just because no one goes on fast for us. They should remember that we have been staying in this area even before this track was set up and so we have special rights,” a spokesperson for SuI said.

Stating that the stray dogs union was not against any particular company or group, the spokesperson said “in some cities we are against the government too. But then we don’t face any civic issues in most of the places we live in. In fact we have access to good civic amenities and have few things to complain about. But in some cases the government behaves like these corporate entities and harasses us and that is when problems happen”.
Occupy Buddh Circuit...

The spokesperson also claimed that every time a Himmesh Reshamiya’s movie was released, stray dogs turn into soft targets for angry citizens. “During such times, whenever we bark, they are reminded of that caped disaster crooning and that increases their anger toward us. Himmesh Reshamiya’s movies are creating problems aplenty and if that clown doesn’t stop making 70mm pig feed, we will be forced to seek legal recourse soon,” the SuI spokesperson said.    

I am the 1 percent
Our source in the Jaypee group meanwhile denied all charges and stated that all stakeholders were treated with due respect and were accorded all possible support at all times before, during and after the project. The union government has rushed in Kapil Sibal to work out a truce agreement between the warring parties.


Arpitha Holla said…
that is one popular dog.. Ain't it?? Hilarious post.. :) :)
:D thanks Arpita :) he gets my vote for sure :))
Ranting Indian said…
haha...I had tweeted that the Stray Dogs were there with the permission of UP Government under MNREGA actually :)

Funny take :)
:D thats neat...guess we can expect a visit by Rahul baba also soon then :))
Ana_treek said…
I think the dog was streaking :)
:) :) could be Ana...then he is an employee...hmmm that changes everything :( :)
Sujatha Sathya said…
after the hutch pug, this one's on the fame charts
Saru Singhal said…
LoL... Hilarious post...The dog is as popular as F1 in India...
:) thanks Saru..yea :))
Ashish Joshi said…
ha ha ha ... this is great read ... every dog has his days ... :D :D ... loved this post ...
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Hey thanks Geet :)) and biig welcome to HU :)
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Haha! The dog is getting pretty famous. Hilarious post! :)
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