India and Pakistan almost agree on more airspace violations

Buoyed by the bonhomie generated by the recent air space violation incident, India and Pakistan are considering a landmark 'intrusion' agreement.

After several Pakistani newspapers termed the recent straying of Indian Army chopper into PoK airspace and the way in which both nations handled the incident as a CBM, India and Pakistan have informally agreed to intrude into each other’s airspace more often. The plan according to defense analysts is to play to the gallery and media who are perennially ready for a free ride.

Chopper intrusions will become
a common affair across LoC soon
Humor Unplugged has learnt that the external affairs ministry in New Delhi today received a proposal from Islamabad detailing a plan to consider more air space violations in the near future. Our mole in the S M Krishna’s office confirmed the development and said that the proposal was being considered at the highest levels in the government and is expected to receive a official nod soon.

“We were indeed surprised by our reaction. I thought we will take some strong action. But we ended up sending the chopper back and reacted in a very positive manner to the whole thing. So we have decided to treat this as a ‘Confidence Building Measure’ (CBM) and do this (if possible) on a monthly basis. They have intruded this time and now it is our turn to reciprocate. We have kept a chopper on standby and as and when the Indian government gives us the go ahead, we will intrude into Indian airspace and then India can return our chopper the way we did with all hoopla. If needed we can also send a few Talibani elements who are desperate to cross the border to watch Ra.One,” a senior official in the Pak foreign ministry said.

External affairs minister S M Krishna could not be reached as he was having his wig serviced. His Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani was meanwhile 'away' on gtalk at the time of going to press.


Saru Singhal said…
I started laughing when I read 'almost' in the title. LOL...but, can we ever agree on anything in spirit?
:) we never can Saruu...:) :)
Bhishma said…
"External affairs minister S M Krishna could not be reached as he was having his wig serviced"

Laughed hard for this :D

:hat tip:
;D thats the truth Ashwin ;)
;D thats the truth Ashwin ;)
Jagan said…
Truth, Well said

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