Congress decides to deploy Digvijay near BJP HQ

Taking a cue from the Indian Air Force which is deploying its top line combat jet Sukhoi 30 close to the Indo-Pak border, Congress has decided to place its top line combat bull$hitter Digvijay Singh closer to the BJP headquarters.

Looking for a 1BHK...
A confidential internal note leaked by our mole in the Congress states that an order to this effect has been passed by AICC and Digvijay Singh has been asked to look out for a 1 BHK place near 11 Ashoka Road. The reason, according to our mole is that the party wants to reduce time to respond to any allegations raised by the country’s main opposition party – BJP. Digvijay has been asked to finish the transition and report to HQ by end of next week.

Analysts contacted by Humor Unplugged were not amazed by the development. “This was expected. You see Diggi is best weapon they have in their arsenal to confuse opposition and people. Offlate they had pulled him back for fine tuning and now he is ready to fire again and Congress will make full use of his upgraded long range bull$hitting abilities,” a leading analyst said.

BJP meanwhile condemned the development and threatened Congress with a no holds barred retaliation. “I will go on a cross country Rath Yata and Sushma will dance non-stop for 8 hours to protest against this unethical move. This is downright sneaky and distasteful,” senior leader L K Advani said.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL...I believe they should do it but a 1BHK...Also, I seriously want to see Sushmaji dance. Please put a picture next time...:)
:) Saru pic hain...its there on my blog...just cant find the link :(((
bhupendra said…
hah nice fun read :)!!! my friendly brotherly suggestion,avoid using actual complete names of such idiots(e.g use Diggi instead of DVS or something very obvious but not the exact)
Thanks Bhupendra :) but dont worry this blog isnt that famous yet...:)
indu chhibber said…
WELL,you really made my day!But Bhupendra is right-be more circumspect.Somebody is already trying to decimate the sources of hate mail received by him.We don't want you axed.Be care ful.
Hey Indu..thanks yaar :) will try and play safe next time :)
Nitin Jain said…
I got the secret Congress agenda :D! Digvijay Singh has amazing power to turn a farm into desert..BJP should go all out so as to ensure they survive till next elections. Its the Curse of precious Congress Pearl- Diggu !!
:D :) yea Nithin..surving till next elections is indeed a tough job for BJP...or so i guess..

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