Bangalore manhole fountain sets record; CM impressed

Heavy rains on Friday evening caused a manhole to explode, with water pushing a parked car several feet into the air setting a new world record.

The record breaking fountain
Bangalore’s crumbling infrastructure added another glorious chapter to its enviable history when it became the first city in the world to have a car thrown 5 feet in the air by an exploding manhole. The previous record was a puny two feet held by some obscure town in Nauru. A thrilled CM thanked the city’s civic bodies for their exceptional work and asked them to continue serving citizens with unmatched zeal.

As soon as the fountain started throwing the car upwards, a group of civic body babus gathered at the site and started cheering. The CM joined after a while by which time the car was in taters. The footage was shared with a team from the Guinness Book of Records, who confirmed the record and sent a mail documenting the achievement.

“The CM was impressed by the way the car was throw into the air like a tooth pick. He has asked us to investigate if we can convert this pressure into electricity so that all bungalows belonging to politicians can be well lit and bright,” our source in the Karnataka government said.

Humor Unplugged has obtained a video footage of the fountain originally posted by the BBC.


zephyr said…
That surely is an entry worthy of the Guinness Book.
Saru Singhal said…
Is this for real? Bangalore is not only the IT city but an adventurous one, remember the pothole tourism...:)
:) yep sure is :)
Anonymous said…
Saruu :) yea yea and the city's spirt of adventure is growing by the minute ;)))
Gosh looks like I commented with loggin in :(( Saru that anonymous is me :)

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