Simi Garewal donates Botox stock towards charity

No one can say that 3000 year old walking Botox monument Simi Garewal is not all heart. Not after the hostess of Star World show India’s Most Desirable gave away two tons of enriched weapon grade Botox towards charity.

The gesture which was kept secret all this while came to light when Simi Garewal’s sister HuJI Garewal accidently let the cat out of the bag on Saturday during a causal interaction with a bored Humor Unplugged correspondent over Skype. When grilled further, HuJI said “a group representing senior citizens and their rights had approached sis (Simi) few days back since she is the oldest living being on the planet. Those people wanted sis to give them anything she feels valuable to show her support for the cause and sis immediately handed over two tons of Botox and even had her bio protected private chopper ferry the consignment to the group’s headquarters in Navi Mumbai”.    

The group which received the consignment didn’t want us to reveal its name. “We are indeed indebted to her. What she has given is weapon grade Botox which is enriched 50X and can be diluted as required. We haven’t evaluated the price this will fetch in the open market but are already in touch with potential buyers,” communications in-charge for the organization said.

When we tried to contact Simi, her PA said that madam was busy applying Botox to her wig and could not come online for chat.  

Sources in London told Humor Unplugged that Madame Tussauds is going to be a likely buyer of this stock as they are going to install a wax statue of waxy actress Kareena Kapoor soon.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Kareena has gone for botox??? Simi Grewal can donate only two things, either botox or white funny post!
Saruuuu :) Yea yea it seems she applied it on her cheek bones ;) simi can also donate her dentures ;)))
Chintan said…
lol :) poor simi gire-bal :D
She isnt poor yaa :) she is botox queen after all ;)))
hey.. Dat was quite a funny read...
#humorunplugged it is.. :)
hey.. Dat was quite a funny read...
#humorunplugged it is.. :)
Thanks III :)

Thnka III :)
Thank you Satish :) and welcome to Humor Unplugged...:)
Life Unordinary said…
128th follower! Is the simi garewal story real?
Thanks LU...:) no the story aint real...:) but Advanji had definitely thought about this plan a few days back when he was dreaming of getting arrested Anna style ;)))
Anonymous said…
Hahahaaa...this was really something amusing ;)
bluetoothbuddha said…
Humor Unplugged Ji,
(Are you SIMI's sibling HUJi, by the way?)
Just stumbled on your blog, good fun, will keep coming back for sure.
Thanks for the entertainment.
Nahii Bluetoohbuddhaji :) am not related to Simi in anyway ;)) thanks for your comment ;):)

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