Daniel Craig is the new ‘Bond ambassador’ of the Indian Railways

Now we all know that the famous imaginary spy is going to visit India soon to shoot sequences for his latest movie, Bond 23. But what we didn’t know is that the Indian Railways which will be hosting many of his stunts has managed to extract a neat deal with the production house. As part of the agreement, IR will be able to hire Bond actor Daniel Craig as a brand ambassador for a season. Surprised?  Here are the details.

Craig practicing a
Death-defying stunt
Indian Railways PRO Chabbu Kumar told Humor Unplugged that the deal has almost been finalized and EON productions will soon sign the agreement. “Yes, he will be our brand ambassador and will be seen doing many risky stunts on our trains – including using the restroom. The production house has agreed to all our demands and we have asked them to revert with details on how they plan to take this forward. We will provide them all the assistance and equipment they need,” Kumar said.

Another one
Railways sources have also confirmed that Craig has already practiced a round of stunts during a hushed up visit to Mumbai recently. He did train surfing, participated in a live derailment and even tried to shift gears on a diesel engine. As part of the deal, the Bond star will appear in a few commercials praising the railways and the railway minister.  Former railway minister Lallo Prasad Yadav will also make his Hollywood debut with the movie and will be seen in the walkover role of a rail safety analyst.  


Saru Singhal said…
Using the restrooms...lol...BTW, I don't like him, he is like a big spot on the image of all the bonds. But, he is perfect for IR...lol
:D yea Saru...he doesn't come quite close to Sean and Pierce...he is good in a subtle sort of way.,..that flamboyance is missing :((
Tia said…
oooh i saw the vid of the guys who do it....shucks man they r maniacs !!
Seriously...they are grade a jokers doo :((
Ana_treek said…
I hope he doesn't do life endangering stunts like eating railway food :)
Thanks Anna :( Gosh that will be really stressful for bond :( maybe that can be done via FX ;))))
Sujatha Sathya said…
the seriousness with which you write actually makes your posts all the more funny. it truly is humor unplugged.
i always find the lines, "...so & so told Humor Unplugged..." particularly funny.

Daniel Craig & IR - what imagination :)
d guy just doesn't match up to Pierce.

just 1 ques: i know your blog name, i know your zodiac but what's your name?
Hey thanks Sujatha :) thanks for the lovely comment....my name is there on the FB page yaar :) cant mention it here :)

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