What revolution? And who is Anna Hazare asks Barkha Dutt

Nation’s self-appointed news nanny Barkha Dutt has completely avoided covering the Anna Hazare movement.  Instead of being at Ramlila Maidan, from where other anchors were proudly beaming images of a man on a mission, Barkha was spotted partying with a Congress MP just a day ago.

Barkha at East Gate of Parliament
That was yesterday and what happened today? Well, instead of covering the huge crowds that had gathered outside the West Gate of parliament, Barkha went to the East Gate and reported that the situation was as normal as ever and there was not even a soul outside parliament. While her colleagues from other channels gave extensive coverage to the massive crowd that had gathered outside the West Gate, Barkha calmly told NDTV viewers that there was no mob whatsoever and that the whole thing had ‘petered down’.

She left parliament building, went on to interview Aunty national Arundathi Roy and then left for Nauru to cover the hydra revolution there. Apparently a few people have gathered outside the Nauruan parliament asking for constitutional reforms to end corruption in that country.
West Gate  where the mob gathered 

Barkha also lambasted her colleagues for being over-excited about Anna and claimed that the movement has died down and it was time to find ‘real issues’ to cover.

Party Time 
She said that there were revolutions happening in so many countries and it was their duty as journalists to cover them. “There is hardly any excitement in the so called Indian Spring. I have nothing to cover here the whole thing seems like an art movie slow and stretchy. The real excitement is in Nauru where I am headed to. I am told that already a huge mob of nearly 17 people have gathered outside the parliament building and the whole thing could go out of hand at any time. The cops are threatening to use wooden sticks to disperse them and that has never happened in Nauruan history ever,” Dutt said.


Anand said…
lmao.. news nanny and Aunty national!!! hahahaaaa... Awesome post :)
Mishi said…
lolzzzzzzzzzzz...another fit shot! :-)
well, Barkha has her own reasons for doing so, after all congress has done so much for her during Radia episode....:))

unfortunately,I am not Anna....
Hey thanks Anand :) she sure is a nanny of the nation when it comes to headlines ;)))
Thanks Mishu :DD BTW u didnt see that cat wala post?? :((
U said it Irfan...I am not sure if she is in the Cong camp or not...but I was shocked to hear that she didnt go to Ramlila Maidan...for everything else aunty can travel to Cairo and back but when it comes to her own nation...she cannot even go 13 kms...this is not done
Saru Singhal said…
Nanny BARKHA and National Aunty ARUNDHATI ROY, you're too good man. ROFL:)
Anonymous said…
HAHA, cant beleive Barka is so naive and stupid,

Superb man superb.

Thanks Kamal...she is quite capable u see :)))

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