Venkaiah Naidu broke his own laptop: sources

In a shocking revelation, sources have confirmed that it was not former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa who broke senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu’s laptop few days back. Instead, the laptop was broken by Naidu himself out of sheer frustration, thanks to Yeddyurappa’s brazen antics.

Naidu's damaged laptop
The sequence of events that led to the tragedy is as follows. When Naidu came down to Bangalore, he immediately rushed to meet Yeddyurappa to convince him to resign. But instead of agreeing to the demand, Yeddy refused to meet Naidu and called up NDTV journalist and stalking pain Barkha Dutt and told her that Naidu had an exclusive scoop for her. Barkha then flew down to Bangalore and started chasing Naidu everywhere, asking him to share the scoop.

Naidu however, continued his efforts to woo Yeddy. But this time Yeddy tried another rotten trick to derail Naidu’s efforts. Through his henchmen, Yeddy spread rumours about Naidu’s alleged affair with a budding local starlet and when Naidu’s wife heard the rumours, she flew down to Bangalore and confronted a baffled Naidu. Without waiting for an explanation, she thrashed him with a copy of the 2009 BJP manifesto and then flung him from the 2nd floor of the resort. Luckily, Naidu landed on a nearby cactus farm and didn’t suffer too many injuries.

Naidu then got up, took his laptop and with Barkha and his wife in tow went to meet Yeddy. When the CM acted pricy and tried to ignore Naidu, the latter opened a spreadsheet containing the names of all possible candidates to replace Yeddy. The then CM, however taunted Naidu and said “this guy who is not even fit to be the governor of a state is talking about my replacement. You (Naidu) should go back to Delhi and watch Scooby Doo toons thats all you are good for”.  Hearing about his fav toon, Naidu suddenly got very angry and tried to break pots near Yeddy’s house but the CM calmly told him the pots were all state property. Unable to find anything belonging to Yeddy to break, Naidu took his own laptop and flung it at Yeddy who ducked immediately. The laptop then followed a low trajectory and hit a babu and fell down with a thud.

So that was the true story behind the BJP laptop saga. The laptop maker has ruled out a replacement since the laptop was damaged intentionally.


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