Post-Aarakshan movie makers rush to get their movies banned

In the aftermath of the movie Aarakshan getting more than enough pre-launch publicity for free, thanks to the reservation controversy, movie makers are working overtime to get their movies banned.

Aarakshan: dishing up a controversy
Filmmakers contacted by Humor Unplugged claimed that Aarakshan had showed them how a major pre-release controversy can stimulate viewer interest and guarantee a good opening. Producer/director Suebash Fly, who has just finished shooting his latest venture ‘Monsoon’, a documentary on how the trade winds and El Nino influence the monsoons in India, has gone to town claiming that his movie is downright controversial and has dialogues which might ignite passion in parts of the country such as Telengana that are seeking statehood.

Shah Rukh Khan who is planning to release his magnum opus this Diwali has reportedly added new scenes to his movie in order to accommodate controversial dialogues and has linked his movie to the ongoing controversy on the Lokpal bill. "There is a character in my movie who resembles Anna and mouths profanities towards politicians before bludgeoning them with copies of CAG reports. I am also hoping for some international issues to crop up before launch, especially in Sri Lanka," Shah Rukh said. Another filmmaker who didn’t want to be named claims he has brought in the CWG controversy and used unparliamentary language to abuse and degrade Indian politicians.

Sources say that UP CM Mayawati, AP CM Kiran Reddy, Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chauhan and a few other CMs have received over 20 applications from various filmmakers for banning their movies. Some movie makers have gone a step further and roped in certified crooks to essay crucial roles in their cine endeavors. Certified racist clown Raj Thackeray, has been offered a plum role in a movie based on the migrants vs locals controversy being shot by Yash Raj Films. “I will be my usual hooligan self, inciting people, destroying public property, playing divisive politics and wondering why I am not in a straightjacket yet,” an excited Raj said.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL, I think it's Thackeray this time...Funny and I love the way you use the phrase, Humor Unplugged has learnt or HP sources...:)
:D they are real sources Saru...they are as real as our government..or wait a minute...may be more real than our government ;)
Saru Singhal said…
Yeah right and I believe you since you have compared it with our Government...:)
Mishi said…
lol@more real then Govt comment..and bloggy thankz to to controversy here bt em really interested to watch this one!
Misiiiiii :) yeah dont forget to tell me if you liked it or not...will watch it only if u say its good :)
Mishi said…
lolz..oki doki

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