Clown files PIL against Bipasha Basu's 'offensive' cookie ad

Bipasha Basu’s latest ad where she takes almost 30 seconds to bite into a McVitie's Digestive biscuit has apparently offended some clowns in the country. Some guy acting on behalf of Rastriya Sabhita Rakshak Morcha (RSRM), the self-appointed guardian of Indian culture, has filed a PIL against the ad  in a Mumbai court on Thursday, sources said. 

“She has offended our culture, our ethos and has made a mockery of our civilisation. She shouldn’t have eaten the biscuit in such an offensive manner. Just look at her no one in India eats anything like that. She owes an apology to the nation and the biscuit makers have to withdraw the ad immediately,” the guy who filed the PIL said.  He desperately wanted us to publish his name in this post but we decided to deny him the honor.  

Biting off more than she can chew?
As the day progressed yesterday, a huge mob gathered outside Bipasha’s flat in Mumbai and tried to barge in. A watchman who tried to stop the mob was conveniently dumped outside the premises and the mob then went on and started knocking Bipasha’s door. As the door opened slowly, a few RSRM activists who were in front almost fainted. The door was opened by none other than actor Shahid Kapoor in his Pokemon undies, who asked the mob for his pizza. Shahid was under the impression that the pizza he had ordered had come and a mob of fans had tagged along to deliver the snack to the actor.

Recovering from the initial setback, the mob asked Shahid to produce Bipasha.  Shahid however claimed that the actor was currently in France shooting for a movie and would only return by mid-august. “I am infact watching her property in her absence you see,” he said. Bollywood sources say that Shahid is the most sought after watchman in the industry circles, especially among the leading ladies. It is no secret that when the IT guys raided actor Priyanka Chopra’s house few months back, the shocked sleuths were greeted at the door by none other than Shahid Kapoor in his trademark Pokemon undies.

Coming back to the story, left with no choice, the mob had to return but not before threatening Shahid Kapoor with dire consequences if he ever opened a door in his Pokemons. When the matter was raised in parliament by a agitated opposition, the union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, who was defending the government on the floor of the house, said “I have no magic wand to protect people from those who want to protect our culture. I can only pray before going to bed tonight which is what I do whenever the nation faces a problem related to my ministry”.

                                                                    The 'offensive' video



Charu said…
I always think the last line is 'Hobbit you'd love to keep' ;)
hahah :) yeap Charu..thats the one...and by the way I hope you are not referring to that famous Hobbit lady here ;)
Tia said…
class 1 clown :P
yeap doo :) could be higher too ;)
Saru Singhal said…
What rubbish, sounds more like a nursery rhyme than a TV commercial. Somebody, please tell her to grow up(she can wear clothes of kids section though)...It reminds me of Golden biscuit jingle from
haha :D bips and grow up? she will grow up in another 45 years hopefully ;) most of her ads are childish including the one she did with her then boyfriend for clinic plus ;) remember :)))

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