Drainage Sunflower appears in Bangalore; civic body claims credit

Monsoon rains brought some cheer for the embattled Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board BWSSB in Bangalore, last evening. In a miracle of sorts, an overflowing sewage drain pushed a manhole out neatly and created what experts called a ‘drainage sunflower’.

The 'Drainage Sunflower'
The event, which is very rare and is known to occur only once in a millennium, happened when the political drama in the state was at its highest, yesterday. A local BWSSB engineer who was on a routine ‘avoid aggrieved monsoon harassed citizens’ mode was quietly slipping away from the back door of his office, when he noticed the strange phenomenon. He immediately called his seniors who were hiding inside the building and within no time a mob surrounded the drainage, blocking cops and media folks from witnessing the ‘miracle’.

“This is a miracle and indicates divine blessings for our new CM who is a proxy CM of our former CM. The gods up there have decided to bless him and extend their wishes through this miracle,” a local BJP worker said. BWSSB spokesperson meanwhile declined to officially comment on the issue. But a source told us that the organization was planning to launch a campaign to leverage the event and showcase it as an achievement.  

Citizens who were quite angry with the turn of events in the state, were however not too amused. "This just shows that the muck accumulating in the underbelly of state politics has symbolically come out. I am sure a similar sunflower must have appeared in New Delhi. Corruption is just overflowing everywhere," a concerned senior citizen told this blogger.


WorldmedTourism said…
I like the title of the article and it suits the article's matter.
Saru Singhal said…
The shot is so convincing with your words. Please tell me how do you come up with ideas....
Mishi said…
hahahahaha good one as usual!

you Rock too Blogy number one:-)
Saru :) you are the inspiration...your words and your poetry...tell me your secret...then I will share mine :)
hey Mishi..still have to do that cat story for you...havent forgotten that :)
Vijay Menon said…
hehehe awesome once again :)
Tia said…
hahahha.... if someone would do photoshop edit on the pic ,it can pass of as some rare flora :D :D ...gud 1 pj :)
thanks doo...it does look pretty if it wasnt for the BWSSB's involuntary involvement in it ;)
Pradeep said…
Good one!... Enjoyed the subtle wry humour :)

More seriously, the state of politics is so depressing... so I guess, the only way out is to tickle the funny bone.
Thanks Pradeep...well we can atleast have a few laughs at it..even if we cannot do anything else :((
Anand said…
ROTFL.. Great post :)

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