Welcome to India's 'Jurasick Park'

Meet the worst monsters on the Indian political landscape...

Kalmado Dragon – is known to hunt across continents and bring prey back home. This animal can exist at different levels in the food chain and though considered a top predator, sometimes it connects with species at lower levels to hunt down bigger prey. This animal is thriving well in Tihar National Park and can be viewed between 9 am and 6 pm on weekdays.

Diggiraptor – kills victims by drowning them in large quantities of bullsh*t. Hunts in isolation and targets others species at random.

Rajasaurus twogis – known for its amazing ability to get its food channelled from different food chains in a stealthy manner without leaving any trail whatsoever. This animal is currently restricted to the Tihar national park.

Kannisaurus Kalignar – Found roaming in the plains of Chennai and adjoining areas, this one is a patient predator and sometimes waits for years to strike. This species hunts in isolation from its destined mate choosing to go with a different partner for hunt.

Babaceratops Ramadenisis – this animal is cunning and thrives on prey hunted by larger and more committed animals belonging to the group Civilis socities. Though cunning, it lacks last mile approach strategy for culminating a successful hunt\prey acquisition. Is currently facing extinction.

Susmosaurus Swarajophalangia – a rarely seen but very active animal, this one is known to exhibit its happiness over a successful hunt by breaking into an impromptu jig which has puzzled both scientists and animal watchers. This animal is known to make loud grunts to indicate its anger and scares adversaries by giving a very scary glance.


Deepthi Rajan said…
hilarious post! No grudge for all those times of hogging the tv watching dino reruns, kalmado :))
:D:D u had to bring tat in naa ;)
:D:D u had to bring tat in naa ;)

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