A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and B S Yedurappa launch trust

Three of India’s most notorious criminally corrupt crooks (NCC) have come together to form a trust that will seek custody of all newly discovered public treasures and wealth. Yes, you have heard it right, these three crooks have already filed a claim with the finance ministry for handing over the treasure found at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala to their trust so that the money can be used for ‘public welfare’.

The trust called KRY (Kalmadi, Raja and Yeddy) was inaugurated on Thursday by the trio with Dayanidhi Maran in attendance. “Between us we have spent over 90 years in public service and have handled over 3,00,000 crores in public money. Only we have the expertise to manage such a huge sum of money and the government should release the same to us so that we can use it for public welfare,” Kalmadi said while having noodles with a jail superintendent in Tihar.

“I haven’t had sound sleep since I heard about the treasure in Kerala. I mean just imagine if some criminal steals it or some other untoward incident happens then all that money will go waste. The money should be released to us and we will ensure that it is used properly,” a beaming Yedurappa said.

The dreaded trio at the inauguration of KRY


Saru Singhal said…
More than some criminals stealing that money, Indians are worried about going money to your Swiss Accounts...
We have lots to be worried about Saru...lots.. :((
Spaceman Spiff said…
The kings must be crying in their graves over their treasure. Hope it doesn't get misused. I grew up in that city and have an attachment to everything in it. I just hope it goes into the right hands and gets utilized for the greater common good (Yes, I'm an HP fan :) )

Love your sarcasm. I heart sarcasm. :)
Thanks Spiff..:) completely agree with you on the need to use this money for the greater good...but these politicians are not even worth 25paise of trust....

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