Jim Carrey will help Chinese leaders emote

Chinese leaders have often been accused of being inert and robotic, when it comes to displaying emotion in public. Things have become so bad that when Indian model and alleged actor John Abraham went to Beijing recently, many citizens presumed that he was a senior leader of the Chinese communist party since he was hardly displaying any emotion. All that is going to change soon, as the top brass of Chinese leadership has been ordered to undergo a compulsory course in emoting conducted by none other than actor and facial gymnast Jim Carrey.

Sources in the Chinese government have confirmed the development and claim that the course for the first batch of 60 will start as early as August this year. Jim Carrey has already been signed on and warned that if his course doesn’t work , he will have to spend the rest of his life as a slave in a coal mine in Xiaxing province.

“Yes, the news is true and you can see this pic where our junior-sub-under Chairman Yukk Thoo Chin is shaking hands with Jim Carrey. We want to appear more human in public and not seen as regimented zombies who we are. Considering the fact that most of our leaders have forgotten how to smile or laugh, as we never had to do all that silly stuff, this will indeed be a daunting task for Mr. Carrey. Infact, I have urged him to visit the Uguir mine in Xiaxing to inspire himself. After undergoing this course I hope to be able to enjoy those funny movies without forcing my deputy to laugh on my behalf. We have agreed to 14 classes per person as of now and may increase it in the future based on need,” a Chinese interior ministry spokesperson said

A rather chubby looking Jim Carrey with Yukk Thoo Chin
The Chinese leadership seriously needs to emote


Saru Singhal said…
Hilarious...:) I can't stop imagining Jim Carey doing 'Bruce Almighty' type tricks in the coal mines.
:D ROTFL on the Bruce Almighty type tricks in the coal mines...thanks Saru..:)
Abhishek said…
haha awesome dude :D :D :D :D :D

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