Exclusive: Pakistan Navy launches mission to recover Osama’s body

Almost a month after treasure hunter Bill Warren launched a search mission to recover Osama’s body hidden deep in the Arabian Sea, the Pakistan Navy too initiated its own project to locate the body of the late terrorist and Pakistan army’s guest of honor. Reports coming in from Islamabad suggest that the mission code named Umeed has already been launched with an initial corpus of nearly $ 50 million drawn from US aid received by Pakistan couple of months back.

When contacted, Pakistan Naval chief Admiral Noman Bashir said “yes, I can confirm these reports. We have been asked by the army to launch a search and recover mission some nautical miles south of Karachi port. The area has been studied extensively and we have drawn multiple contour maps along with bar charts. The mission is being carried out by a team of special forces who have extensive experience in running search operations underwater. Pakistan navy is proud to be part of this effort to recover an integral part of our history”.

Our mole in the Pakistan army says “the folks here are planning to build a shrine after his body is recovered”. Humor Unplugged has managed to procure a pic of the mission. We are the only blog to publish this story and the pic and the number of threatening calls we receive has gone up by 34 percent since Pak army got to know that we are going ahead and publishing this one.

As always Pakistan government denied any knowledge of such mission. "I am not aware of any such efforts. Besides even if I was why should I tell you?"Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani said before dashing off to issue an official denial.

Pakistani Navy's mission Umeed pic. 


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