Uday Chopra creates a rift between Home and Culture ministries

No sooner had alleged actor Uday Chopra announced his retirement from 'active' acting, a war of words broke out between union home and culture ministries. Both ministries and attached babus went to town claiming to be the force behind the 'wise' decision by the Chopra kid.

“It was us. No one else was involved. You see we were trying to convince him for over 2 years now and just when we made the guy retire, the home ministry babus pounce in and hijack the achievement,” a culture ministry babu fumed. On the other hand, the calm and composed home ministry babus promised to dispatch a 10000 page dossier to support their claim. “Our minister Sri. P Chiduji made Uday Chopra listen to reason and announce his decision to quit. In fact we asked him to hold back the announcement as we were waiting for the LPG hike as this would bring some respite to citizens of our country,” a home ministry babu said.

In no mood to give up, the home ministry has decided to launch a campaign to claim credit for the whole episode. The babu we spoke to even threatened his counterpart from the culture ministry. “If they (culture ministry) don’t back off, they will see loads of chewing gum turning up in different parts of their minister’s office,” the home ministry babu warned.

A tribute to one of the finest actors...ever
Oh and by the way, we had predicted Uday Chopra's exit way back in March..don't believe us? Read the article here.                                           


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