A Raja-Kanimozhi romance to come alive on the big screen

B-grade film maker Ekta Kapoor has decided to make a movie on the love affair between 2G cousins A Raja and Kanimozhi. Ekta has secured the rights for the love affair from DMK patriarch and god father M K Karunanidhi for an undisclosed sum.

In a chat with Humor Unplugged over Skype, Ekta Kapoor said “this movie will fall in the horror genre and will also depict the delicate romance between the two characters who looted the nation and will be behind bars soon. The horror angle will be amount of money these two have swindled while the romance will be running faintly in the background just like Google update. There will be some tears and sorrow also for the audience as usual”.

Coming soon: Yeddi and Buddy
The on-off war between Karnataka Corrupt Minister B S Yedurappa and Congress Governor Kans Raj Bhardwaj will soon be animated on the lines of Tom and Jerry. A Mumbai-based animation company has decided to animate the war and bring out a toon version by the end of August.  

B S Yedurappa will be visiting 4 temples in South India to ensure that the animated movie rakes in big bucks at the box office. Bhardwaj meanwhile has jetted off to Delhi to meet Congress bigwigs to secure their blessings for the movie. Anonymous sources have told us that the movie will be funded by Reddy brothers Greedy and Shady Reddy.

Yedurappa with girlfriend Shobha Karandlaje. The two
went to a temple to pray against runaway governor Bhardwaj


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