Police release sketch of leopard that entered Hema Malini’s house

Hema Malini
Cops in Mumbai have released a sketch of the feline delinquent who intruded into the residence of bollywood actor and politician Hema Malini. Police officials claim that they have a few strong leads and are working to apprehend the leopard soon.

In New Delhi, union home minister P Chidambaram directed the National Investigation Agency to take over investigations from the local CID. “Such an intrusion could have wider implications for the security fabric of the nation and we need to investigate the case in depth and derive a comprehensive conclusion on why a breach of such proportions occurred in the first place,” Chidambaram said.

Government has revised Hema Malini’s security after the incident and indicated that a upgrade is possible. News anchor Arnab Goswami has already posted 20 questions for the leopard on the Times Now website and is planning to host a debate on his show Newshour on the issue. One interesting question that he has asked relates to the possibility of the leopard having handlers in Pakistan. “Why would the leopard just enter the compound of such an important target without any rhyme of reason? This is not a mistake. I am sure the leopard was guided by some elements from within Pakistan who were in constant touch with him through satellite phones. We need to investigate this thoroughly,” Goswami said.

Sources in home ministry have however ruled out the creation of a dossier on the leopard. Meanwhile cry baby Ratan Tata has accused Hema Malini of 'living in opulence'.  "The person who lives in there should be concerned about what she sees around her and (ask) can he make a difference," Tata said before denying that he ever made a statement to that effect.

The sketch released by the Mumbai Police. 


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