Mallika Sherawat is the new Right to Information brand ambassador

The Indian government, in a landmark move, has decided to appoint acclaimed actor and transparency activist Mallika Sherawat as its new Right to Information (RTI) brand ambassador. A New Delhi dated-lined press release issued jointly by the home and law ministries says that Mallika Sherawat has agreed to a request by the Indian government and will don the mantle as soon as she finishes her current flashing assignment at the Cannes film festival.

Home ministry sources have refused to comment on the development citing a gag order issued by home minister P Chidambaram. Law ministry sources were more forthcoming and we managed to get a pan chewing babu to comment on the move. “Yes, it is true. Haven’t you read the press release? We have followed a diligent process to identify a brand ambassador for RTI and after scanning almost 200 profiles, we zeroed in on Mallika. She is just perfect for the assignment. She has stood for transparency in Bollywood since time immemorial. I mean look at the kind of traditional clothes she wears. It is clear that she is not in favour of hiding anything and that is just the type of person we need,” said Chavvani Lal, RTI secretary told us from the ICU at AIIMS.

Out of sheer curiosity we asked Chavvani as to what happened to him and why he was admitted to the AIIMS ICU. “I had downloaded some pics of Mallika from the web for official purposes and was viewing them from home to determine the value add she will bring to RTI, when my wife barged in. She unfortunately had come to ask me how many rotis I wanted for dinner and had a rolling pin in her hand. Everything went blank soon after and the next thing I remember is waking up in the ICU with a huge IPL blimp sized swelling on my head,” Lal said.

A prominent RTI activist told Humor Unplugged feels that the government may have appointed Mallika to bring more focus on RTI. Apparently, many citizens are still not aware of the option or are not using it properly. “By appointing a custodian of transparency – one who has walked the talk, the Indian government wants to show its commitment to RTI and transparency in all aspects of governance, except when it comes to the Karunanidhi family, Kalmadi, Aadarsh etc” he said.

Though the appointment was long due, sources tell us that the clincher was Mallika's recent transparency act in Cannes. Once the babus at home and law ministries saw her recent pictures from Cannes, there was no stopping them from appointing her. “One of the babus even copied and pasted a wrong name in the list of 50 most wanted criminals that was being drafted as he was distracted by the pics,” our home ministry source said.

Speaking about the appointment, Mallika said “I haven’t seen the script of the movie but the director told me that I will have to do my usual stuff, so I agreed”.

Jackie Chan is amused by Mallika's appointment and is mocking her
in this exclusive pic
Mallika is all set for her new 'role'  


lostpatrol said…
I second. My darling Mallika is the best choice and she will come out of all skins flashing more and more..God Bless Mallika!
:D if i were u..i wouldnt worry about that..:)
indu chhibber said…
look what happened to Chawani Lal!

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