Kayani goes on fast protesting US action against Osama

Pakistan’s General-terrible Ashfaq Kayani has gone on an indefinite fast/strike to protest against what he called 'unwarranted US action' in Pakistani territory.  A report emerging from GHQ, Rawalpindi, has quoted a senior Pak General saying that the Pak army chief has decided to fast till US apologises for violating Pakistani sovereignty for the 15645th time this year.

It seems that General Kayani was quite miffed at the way US forces entered his country while the radars in the Western area were being ‘rested’. But more importantly, Kayani’s Karakoram-sized ego was hurt when Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) Gen David Howell Petraeus gave the General a dressing down in Kayani’s own cabin for the latter’s role in hiding Osama in an army compound. An angry was seen leaving his cabin in a huff and was not just angry, but in tears. More reports on Kayani’s fast are awaited and we were unable to reach our Islamabad correspondent for more information.  

Sources in the Pakistani government have told Humor Unplugged that there is overall confusion in the rank and file of government and army as to who should go and mollycoddle General Kayani.

Exclusive: Kayani receives a dressing down from Petraeus

A concerned Pakistani lady army officer watches Kayani
on fast along with fellow armymen.


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