DMK to initiate Asian money laundering marathon

After successfully looting the nation of lakhs of crores of rupees, anti-national parasites constituting the DMK have decided to undertake a money laundering marathon in Asia. According to a senior party source (who made approximately 3500 crores in the 2G scam), DMK will join hands with like minded political parties across Asia to transfer billion of dollars to Cayman Islands in just 5 hours thereby setting a record of sorts.

“During the 2G scam, we could only transfer INR 3000 crore in 10 hours. At such slow transfer rates, we might be caught soon and the chances of leaving an electronic trail behind are very high. So we have joined hands with political parties from Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Oman to test transfer billions of dollars to a safe haven in just 300 minutes. The money trail will be initiated by our chief Karunanidhi in Chennai who will wire a few billion dollars to Bangkok. Our point of contact in the local party there will add another billion and then transfer the money further. I cannot discuss more as we want to keep the whole plot under wraps,” said DMK leader Dayanidhi Maran.  

Karunanidhi’s son M K Azhagiri seemed quite excited by the development and couldn’t wait to chip in as the chief money laundering officer of DMK. “Our father has been in tears since Kanimozhi got arrested and was looking for some excitement to keep his sunglasses from fogging. They have also shut down his Playstation account and he is really bored these days. So we thought this will be a great way of cheering him up and also getting a few things done. You see DMK has billions of dollars in its account and we don’t want to keep it in India as we are no longer in power in TN and Congress is flirting with Jayalalitha,” Azhagiri said .


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