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Hi Pin Ying,
This is Anshul here from Indore. I have heard that some heroine is planning to get her accent patented.  There is also another lady who changes boyfriends each time she does a new movie and gets undivided attention from the media. What should I do to make myself famous? I mean I am tired of being a nobody. I also want to be written and spoken about. I don’t want to die without a mention in the papers and TV. Please tell me what to do.

Pin Ying to the rescue.

Dear Anshul.
First of all let’s get one thing clear. Life is not about being famous or having a set of people talking or writing about everything you do. Life is instead about enjoying everything you do and staying happy. You should learn to live life on your terms and make sure that you don’t hurt anyone intentionally in the process.

Now I have seen plenty of stars in my life. Many of them wanted to adopt me and take me home. Most of the folks I met were really insecure about their existence. One even told me that she worries about waking up one fine day as a normal girl realizing everything she had fame, fortune etc., was nothing but a dream. Now you don’t have any such worries do you? What’s the worst that could happen to you when you wake up? You are late for college\work or have woken up with a bad hangover, and that’s it. You will never have to chase a poor leopard into your house to gain publicity.  There is a price for everything in life and you have already made the due payment in various ways for whatever you are today.

The world runs not just because of people who are famous but also because of people who do their work without worrying about fame or fortune.

So stop thinking and start living. And remember - the grass looks greener on the other side because of envy fogging your vision.

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Pin Ying


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