Shahid Afridi wants Pakistani players in IPL. India says what’s the hurry

The Indian government has firmly declined to entertain a request by Shahid Afridi to pressurize the BCCI to hire Pakistani players in IPL. In a New Delhi datelined press release, the Indian government (already buckling under pressure from Anna Hazare) came up with a list of reasons why no Pakistani player should be hired by any Indian club for IPL.

"It is high time that Pakistani cricketers should also get a place in IPL. For three seasons including the current one, we haven't been a part of the IPL. We have no problems playing in India as we have just played a World Cup semi-final there. We are deeply hurt that they are treating us like 'untouchables'," Afridi said while taking a bite out of a new brand new Kookaburra. He also urged the Indian government to put pressure on the BCCI to force IPL to hire Pakistani players for sake of their livelihood.

In response the Indian government said “Every time we tried doing business with Pakistan, they said we must resolve the Kashmir issue first before we move forward. In keeping with that sentiment, the Indian government has decided that nothing will move till the Kashmir issue is solved. The solution ofcourse is to merge Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with India and retake the area illegally surrendered by Pakistan to China. Till that happens, I am afraid we will have to prevent Pakistani players from playing in India, irrespective of their financial status”.

“The Indian government is also concerned by the statement by the Pakistani skipper that Indians are not large hearted and are bad hosts. We are therefore afraid that Afridi and his team will not be at home in India and therefore are discouraging IPL from hiring any Pakistani player”, the release added.


p00ja said…
Perfect reply! Finally India's government has learnt to put its foot down! (for a good cause)
:) yea they have given it right back to the big mouth

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