Scandals to turn into sponsored events

The Indian government has finally decided to commercialize episodes of corruption with the hope of gaining revenue from scandals that have become commonplace in the everyday life of India’s common man. At a high level meeting organized in the national capital, an empowered GoM directed the Ministry of Human Resources to float tenders for obtaining EoI from parties that would like to be associated with scandals.

The funny logic is that since the names of scandals like 2G, CWG, Adarsh and the likes are being repeated at least 1000 times every single day, any sponsor associating (in a positive way) with the scam will gain massive amounts of publicity and visibility for their respective brands. The sponsor will however have to shell out an amount no less than 30 percent of the total amount associated with the scam for this. For example, the 2G scam can be named XYZ 2G scam and it will be mandatory for media to refer to it that way.

Citizens contacted by HU weren’t too concerned by the move. “If I had some power, I would turn all politicians and corrupt government servants into mosquito repellents and spray them over gutters across the nation. I mean everyone is tired of corruption and nepotism. Maybe we need a revolution to throw out these freaks to bring some sanity in the system,” a citizen told this blogger over chat.


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