Government may ban reference to 1983 in the run-up to World Cup 2011

In a move aimed at restoring public sanity and avoiding unnecessary freakasm, the Indian government has in principle decided to ban all references to the 1983 World Cup victory by media till closure of the latest chapter of ICC World Cup. Government sources have told your favorite blog that a bill to this effect could be moved as soon as the newly reshuffled cabinet meets.  

“It is tiring to watch every Tom, Dick and Harry speak about 1983 whenever a cricket world cup is around the corner. Agreed it was a huge victory for the then team but then again, we need to move on and focus on the current edition of world cup. We should not go gaga over 1983. It is almost as if we do not want to let go of that victory and that’s bad,” the source said. Humor Unplugged has learnt that the Information and Broadcasting ministry has already issued notices to 7 news channels directing them to stop broadcasting highlights of the 83 finals and stop comparing the current Indian team with the one that made the nation proud in 1983.

In a related development, a PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court by a Mumbai-based NGO seeking a blanket ban on all kinds of jokers releasing albums\songs connected with the World Cup. “Around this time, we have seen all kinds of lowlife emerge from wilderness to launch musical torment on hapless citizens and our PIL seeks to prevent this,” an official connected with the NGO said.  7-time Granny nominee Bhapeee has meanwhile vowed to fight the PIL with every ounce of jewelry on him. Sources say that the entire Bhapeee clan including his wife, two kids, maid and even his pet terrier were planning to launch albums to cash in on the so called World Cup fever.  


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