Ricky Ponting gets a rare honor

Australian skipper and cricket’s own John McEnroe Ricky Ponting has received a rare honor from the National Spider Research Institute of Australia (NSRA). A newly discovered species of spider has been named after him by the institute.

In a press release issued late Tuesday evening, the institute said “this species of spider is a really angry one and is known to spit, make a hissing sound and start acting weird when it gets angry and the insect does get angry quite frequently and this is one of the reasons why NSRA has named it after Ricky Ponting”. Imaginative sources have also told your favor blog that the spider has been known to push and nudge other senior spiders in the vicinity and shows scant respect to anyone and everyone. “This one is a real troublemaker. The other day when we found it, the critter spit on our camera and kept on spiting and hissing till we tranquilized the guy”.   

Acanthogonatus ricki or the cussing spider will go on display during the first half of next month and will be the subject of intense research in 2011.   

'Ricky Ponting' spider


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