How cold was yesterday??

It was so cold that…

• There were no reports of wardrobe malfunction from Bollywood
• Antilia’s electricity bill for December is expected to equal Pakistan’s GDP
• A film crew from Siberia came down to Bangalore to shoot a movie scene
• Amar Singh called up Jayapradha
• Barkha Dutt called up Niira Radia to get ‘some’ information on the weather in New Delhi
• Opposition wanted the government to constitute a joint parliamentary committee to probe the sudden drop in temperature
• CBI has filed a charge sheet against unknown persons alleging gross impropriety and misuse of unknown powers in an unknown context
• R K Pachauri has co-authored a article that says that the Ganges will freeze by 2060
• Chinese intrusions across LAC have fallen by 8 percent over the last two days
• Arnab Goswami was seen poking a immersion rod at the audience on his show
• Salman Khan was seen sporting a tux
• Pamela Anderson has been nominated to the Indian parliament as a wild card entry
• A bill has been moved to make icy stares a criminal offense


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