Global warming is making legislators behave in an odd manner: parties

Blame it on global warming, that’s the line that many parties are parroting after the ‘shameful Monday’ incident in Karnataka assembly which brought more disgrace to national parties the Congress and the BJP.  Shockingly, spokespersons of both parties were unanimous in pining the blame on global warming for the day’s events and for the disgraceful behavior of party legislators.

“It is positvely the ill effects of man’s negative influence on climate and there are no two ways about it. With the rise in global temperature especially in the tropic, the metabolic rate of human beings also goes up and the result is a net increase in the amount of energy available and if it is not channeled for any good purpose, the effect will only be disastrous. I have always maintained that we cannot play around with nature and today, the results are there for all to see and I am extremely dissappointed. You saw that guy who was tearing his shirt...why do you think that was happening? Even the governor was not immune to the illeffects of global warming,” said Venkaiah Naidu before driving away in his gas guzzling SUV

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari was equally at ease in holding anthropogenic climate change  responsible for the drama enacted by legislators. “The disgraceful behavior exhibited by these elected leaders should be considered as an irrefutable proof of the distance we have covered in spoiling our home planet. No single party can be blamed for what happened on that day as we are all responsible. If global warming continues to march ahead at the same pace, we can expect tempers to soar and more nasty fights to follow in the days to come. We have to act now to put an end to mankind’s role in furthering global warming,” Tiwary said.

While other newspapers and blogs were busy condeming the incident, Humor Unplugged decided to investigate the latest excuse cited by two penny politicians from both sides. Our investigation led us to a climate expert called Dr Hammerschmidst, who had written a paper on the increasing instances of legislators across the world indulging in shamefull behavior and its connection with the increasing concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atomosphere.

Humor Unplugged tracked the climate expert to a small climate station in Dehra Dun and had a chat with him. Hammerschmidst’s research shows that while there were a handful of incidents per 100 legislators in the earliest documented parliament in the year 930, the same rose to almost 140 by the year 2000. “The biggest incident then was of a legislator stealing a horse from the house of a fellow legislator in the year 930. The incident ended in an apology and nothing happened. Moving ahead if you look at this graph, you will clearly see that with increasing concentration of Carbon Dioxide, the instances of leigislators losing their cool has also gone up and if my predictions come true, we will have one fight somewhere in the world every minute by 2040.

Concerned citizens however had a different take on the issue. "Yeah thats true. These legislators are filled with nothing but greenhouse gases and thats why they float around without getting involved in key issues such as development, education for masses and food security," a furious citizen told Humor Unplugged.   

The graph extracted from Hammerschmidst’s research paper and reproduced with due permission


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