Stray Dog body threatens to sue Commonwealth Games Federation

The National Association of Stray Sociable Canines and Mongrels (NASSCAM) has threatened to file a lawsuit against the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for the latter’s recent remark on stray dogs 'jumping' on beds meant for athletes at the games village in New Delhi. CGF has been given time till Thursday evening to revert with an unconditional apology, failing which NASSCAM will go ahead and file a defamation suit.

“This is ridiculous. We have some sense of pride unlike these two penny politicians who head the Commonwealth Games-Organizing Committee (CWG-OC) and will never indulge in such wanton display of unbridled preposterous behavior. We have our own priorities and jumping in beds made for athletes is not one of them. Such allegations are unfounded and uncalled for especially in the context of the Commonwealth Games where there are bigger ghosts to hunt,” said Fakenaka Gandhi, National Chairperson, NASSCAM. Fakenaka alleged that the CGF was trying to pin the blame for the games village fiasco on innocent NASSCAM members instead of CWG-OC.

Sources have told Humor Unplugged that ever since the allegations surfaced, NASSCAM had called for a urgent meeting of its General Body and had issued summons to strays living in the area. After a comprehensive investigation, headed by a retired stray judge, the body decided to go ahead and threaten CGF.

No one from CGF could be reached for comment, as usual.


Anonymous said…
So should government leave the dogs on the racing tracks for chasing athletes?Drop all the dogs in houses of NASSCAR people,And see how much they tolerate the canines.
Prayukth j said…
take a chill pill buddy..this is just a story...
Having a laugh said…
The "Anonymous" is probably Suresh Kalmadi or should we say Otteris Kalmadis ;-)
Prayukth j said…
:D quite possible;)

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