Bangalore to host Global Power Cut meet

Adding another feather to its tiny little hat, Bangalore, the IT capital of India has now earned the distinction of being the ‘power cut capital’ of the world.

Bangalore, today, offers many a surprise to the rare and discerning power cut lover. There are 10 hour power cuts for those candle light dinners, family get togethers and a bit of star gazing at night. In case one wants more power cuts, he or she can just walk across to the nearest office of the power supplier and file an application for more. The city cuts power at the drop of a hat and sometimes the local power agency BEASTCOM even teases Bangalore citizens with 3 minute power supplies in between power cuts to fool them into thinking that power is back.

“We are very proud of the power situation in Karnataka. It is the only state in the country where everyone right from the chairman to the local lineman is empowered to cut power. In fact earlier we used to seek excuses like poor rains, soggy coal etc to justify power cuts and we had a dedicated department whose sole KRA was to suggest excuses for snapping power to Bangalore. Now we have disbanded the department since most Bangaloreans have become immune to power cuts,” a beaming and proud chief minister Yeddyurappa said in an exclusive gtalk chat over the weekend before going offline presumably due to a power cut at his residence.

Humor Unplugged caught Yeddyurappa online after a wait of over 4 hours and the conversation continued with lesser number of smilies. “Look, you bloggers know nothing about politics. We are all here to suck in as much moolah as possible and then move on and allow others to take their share. None of us is permanent here and so we need to extract our pound of flesh and leave the arena. If you need a city or a state that offers good governance, you can always move out. We are not keeping you captive here,” a belligerent Yeddyurappa said.        

Global Power Cut meet
Bangalore will host the first ever meet of cities imposing over 10 hours of power cut from across the world. The meet to be held in November will be attended by delegates from nations like Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Ghana and will showcase the achievements of cities from these nations in the arena of power cuts. Bangalore has decided to use the event to demonstrate the stellar role it is playing in promoting power cuts and pathetic infrastructure as a sign of its willingness to push the city and state into the stone age. 

Reddy brothers volunteer to chip in
Supporting the Karnataka CMs move to increase power cuts across Karnataka, the mining Reddy brothers Greedy Reddy and Shady Reddy have offered their services to the state. “We and our benami companies are willing to consume any extra power generated by the state. It is in our interest to keep the state in the dark, not just to hide our illegal activities but also to keep the state as backward as possible,” Shady Reddy said before hopping off to collect a cheque for Rs 1245 crores from a Japanese steel company.


S.R.Ayyangar said…
We all should lend full support to this government to showcase our achievement in power cut.
Prayukth j said…
Do we have a choice?? :(
Anonymous said…
the global power meet ll ve plasma tvs for 1 crore each, bose speakers etc etc
Prayukth j said…
Hhahah :D well said...we sure will..not to mention a top up on our existing traffic jam package...:D

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