Mayawati's close aid Chubby abducted, Cong hand suspected...

In what appears to be a tit-for-tat move, Mayawati’s trusted Lieutenant in New Delhi Chubby Devi went missing in the wee hours of Friday. It may be remembered that Nishant Patel, Rahul Gandhi’s close aide had gone missing recently and was found injured a few days back. Congress had then alleged that Nishant was abducted by goons affiliated to Mayawati’s Bogus Samaj Party (BSP). This kidnapping, sources say, may be a response to that abduction.

According to sources, Chubby Devi was abducted since she was widely perceived as the right hand of the Uttar Pradesh CM. “Initially, a van came and about four goons tried to push her into it. But Chubby was too heavy for them and wouldn’t fit into the van. The goons then changed track and called in reinforcements who came with a Scania truck. About 20 goons then loaded her into the truck and zoomed away. Everything was over in a flash and I couldn’t even finish my bowl of cornflakes,” said Chavvani Lal, one of the eyewitnesses while describing the abduction.   

Police have started investigations and have taken 3 people into custody for questioning. Mayawati meanwhile has threatened to launch a nationwide agitation if Chubby Devi is not released soon. “I will start sending my autographed posters to all MPs and MLAs from UP and install more statues across the state till Chubby comes home safe and sound,” a pugnacious Mayawati said. Alleging that Congress was behind the abduction, she said "I can clearly see the hand of Congress in the whole event. In fact their symbol is also hand and so their hand is definitely there in this abduction," Mayawati alleged.  

Chubby, who is incharge of Maywati’s ‘Mission PM’ was helping the latter move to 10 Race Course Road. A graduate from LSE (Lokhandwala School of Economics), Chubby was the brains behind Mayawati’s highly successful social engineering project that saw her sweep the UP polls a few years back. 


Ha ha :) I wish it had gone a little slower and Chavanni Lal had managed to finish that bowl of cornflakes :)

Loved the perfect 'reporting' style!!

Keep reporting... what about this morning's news of Amit Shah's arrest? He managed to find the time to put a tilak on his forehead before sauntering into this arrest. Look forward to reading more such news.
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I like the name..but not the fact that it makes her sound like cute thing!!
YUCKK!! ;)
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