Bihar to install anti collision devices on its MLAs

In a decision with widespread implications for legislators in Bihar, the government there has decided to procure devices to prevent MLAs from running into each other during sessions. An ACD device will be installed on every legislator by the end of June next year. It may be remembered that the MLAs in Bihar had indulged in wanton display of uncouth behavior this week.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that the Bihar government has floated an international RFP asking prospective vendors to revert with details of their gadgets that can serve the purpose. Bihar has also decided to charge flower pots with electricity so that they are not used as weapon of choice by overweight legislators bend on causing destruction and mayhem.

The anti collision device, first tested in Taiwan, works by discharging 190 V of power when legislators belonging to opposing parties come within striking distance. The device is nothing but a chip that is embedded in the body of a legislator and discharges voltage as and when the distance between members of opposing parties reduces below the set limit. The voltage discharged increases as the distance reduce. Members belonging to the governing party will have a different chip when compared to opposition. The chip can last for as long as 48 months and is made from biodegradable material.

The device was recently tested in Taiwan but the government there decided against using it due to its side effects. The chip has been known to cause short term amnesia and infertility. Sources in the Bihar government however told Humor Unplugged that the side effects were not a source of concern. “Legislators here anyway have amnesia. Once elected they forget their constituencies, the people who elected them and their duties. As far as infertility is concerned, just look at Lallo and you will get what I am hinting at. We need these devices and there are no second thoughts about it,” a senior babu incharge of procuring the device told Humor Unplugged.


Apple said…
:D Give the MLA's an AML module :P
Prayukth j said…
Hahha :D we will ask mr handa to help here.. ;)
Apple said…
Rest Assured..THIS is never going to get done in this life!!!!

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