Idiot bomber forces Pakistan to revise terror curriculum

Pakistan has decided to revamp the education system in the areas run by Taliban after Faisal Shahzad aka Idiot bomber, a terrorist indoctrinated, educated and trained in that country was arrested by the US in a failed plot to bomb Times Square in New York recently. Pakistani government sources told Humor Unplugged that the Federal Board of Madrasa Education in Taliban Ruled Areas (FBMETRA), the government body responsible for developing and controlling Madrasa Education and vocational terror training in Taliban controlled areas, has been asked to prepare a revised curriculum that will curb the emergence of IQ deficient terrorists like Faisal.

Gomar Khan, the chairmullah of FBMETRA was summoned by the education ministry twice this week for “elaborate discussions” on the future of Madrasa education in areas occupied by Taliban. “This Idiot bomber has really brought ignominy to our great country with his act. After September 11, the UK bombing, Dec 13 and 26-11in India our boys had earned the reputation of being top notch terrorists. This idiot bomber has ashamed us and caused us much agony and in the future we will try and ensure that such morons are not dispatched for critical missions from our country or even trained here,” Gomar said before his ride, a Peshwari donkey, came.   

Khan confirmed that the revised curriculum will be compulsorily implemented in all Taliban occupied areas by the next aca-domic year. “Stress will be given on identifying children who are not able to strategize or do things in a planned manner. Such kids will be diverted from the terror stream and encouraged to take up politics and become leaders in the future or join the Pakistani army. These are the two serious career options available for kids who fall behind,” Khan said.


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