After Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, it will be Chor Sabha

Recognizing the need to have a separate house for elected criminals and thugs, the government of India has started working on a draft bill to trifurcate the national parliament and create a new Sabha for criminals. The new house, to be tentatively called Chor Sabha, will be home to goons (convicted or charged) who are elected to parliament. 

Humor Unplugged has learnt that the new house will be established by the next Lok Sabha elections.  Criminals who become MPs in that election will be seated in this new house, which will be fully functional with its own unique features. The speaker will be replaced by a bouncer while the well of the house will be a wrestling ring and MPs will be allowed to thrash\bludgeon each other, whenever needed.  MPs will be allowed to bring knifes and other sharp objects inside the house and the governing party MPs will be empowered to collect the mandatory hafta from opposition party members.  

“This has been our long standing demand. We wanted a separate house for ourselves so that we don’t have to rub shoulders with the innocent weenies in the other houses. I could never have an uncivilized debate in the house without attracting unwanted attention and we were often the target of ridicule by citizens and this is totally unacceptable,” said Chavvani Lal, a 3 time MP who has escaped conviction a record 20 times so far.  


Sucheta said…
Good one!! Indeed if there is a chor sabha, then only 1% of the MPs will be in Loksabha!
Prayukth j said…
:D agree Sucheta...with the number of corrupt MPs we have, chor sabha will even end up getting more powers than its counterparts...
Apple said…
This is teh NEW BIG Quota PJ ;)

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