Unions threaten encore, Air India flight to Qatar on standby, Canada sounded

In a move to prevent the now derecognized unions from launching another strike, Air India has kept aside a Boeing 737 aircraft on standby to dump the AI union leaders in Qatar. Airline sources have told Humor Unplugged that an angry AI management has warned the union leaders that they will be transported to Qatar and dropped there forever, unless the union withdraws its threat to go on an indefinite strike immediately.

“These employees represent the scum of the airline and must be disposed off immediately to ensure that the airline functions effectively.  Since India has signed a reverse extradition treaty with Qatar to export the rot of our country to them, we urged the government to place the union leaders in the same category and ditch them in Qatar. We have also kept an aircraft on standby and as and when these union leaders go on strike, the cops will arrest them and hand them over to us, after tearing their Indian passports. We will then fly them to Qatar and leave them there. They can spend the rest of their lives with M F Hussein,” a senior AI official told Humor Unplugged over a flight diverted at the orders of uncivil aviation minister and Naresh Goyal stooge Praful Patel.

Canada has meanwhile indicated that it will give work visas to the striking employees and has placed them under the category of “persons belonging to an admissible category”.


tia said…
:) not all scums go there u kno ;)
Prayukth j said…
I know sofdu :) i sure knowwwwww...this is for the northern part of qatar :)

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