Indian government downgrades security for BCCI cricket team

The home ministry has decided to downgrade the security provided to the Indian cricket team and its players. A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting held at the residence of union home minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday night. The new security guidance will be published to all police stations and security personal associated with the team over the next two days and the degraded security cover will be made available to the cricketers by this weekend. The decision has come in wake of a disastrous performance essayed by the Indian team in the Caribbean recently.

“Agreed that no one will target them either way I mean the way these guys play, they will not even find a place in the T 20 squad of Maldives. But even if someone does harm them, it’s not of much concern to us and we will infact welcome the development. For the current crop, money is the only thing that counts and for money they have done a Madhuri Gupta on our country. Shame on them and the BCCI selectors,” home minister Chidambaram said. The Indian cricket team members will now be provided ‘A’ category security, which means that they will now get a watchman with a whistle.

Meanwhile as the entire nation got together to condemn a lackluster performance, many companies that had hired the money minded two timers decided to ditch them. Reliance Industries Ltd., who had hired allround amoeba Ravindra Jadeja, decided to fire him right away. In a press release the company said “Mr Ravindra Jadeja was under a contract with RIL and as per the terms that he had agreed to, his tenure in RIL was coterminous with his tenure in the Indian cricket team and the continuation of the 3 month contract was purely based on his performance as a member of the Indian team. Now that Mr Jadeja has failed to live up to the expectations set forth in the contract, RIL would no longer require his services and the RIL family wishes him success for a wonderful stint with the Qatari T 20 team”.


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