Things you won’t hear by the end of IPL Season 3

India’s number one blog Humor Unplugged puts together a series of statements that will never be made after season 3 of IPL ends.

  • This was the least controversial of all IPLs so far
  • Shobha De just loves Sunanda Pushkar
  • Kolkata Knight Riders were the deserving winners
  • Loss of captaincy did not affect Yuvraj much
  • Mumbai Indians’ form had nothing to do with Tendulkar’s form
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore was the most focused team in the event
  • Black money has no role in IPL
  • Shilpa Shetty has proved to be a lucky mascot for Rajasthan Royals
  • Lalit Modi’s style of functioning is cool
  • We really missed the controversy over Fake IPL player this time around
  • Politicians are good for sports in India
  • The MRF blimp was the best thing about IPL season 3


Swathi Pradeep said…
Gud One!
Check my comics on "Shashi Tharoor Vs IPL3"!
Prayukth.j said…
Hey thanks Swathi, am chcking em out now :)

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