Pak gets coals from US, comes back giggling

Just have a look at this video and decide for yourself. Pakistan returned empty handed from US and acted as though they had got everything they wanted (reminds me of the time when Indian Army thrashed Pak army across the LoC in 1999 while Pakistan to this day believes that Kargil was a “victory”). In this hilarious video, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi transforms into a monkey, making  a mockery of himself and his country in the process. Just watch the video and enjoy…


Haroon said…
I can feel you jealousy.
Prayukth said…
i can you too :P
M Bhinder said…

Just chanced upon your blog from Hindustantimes :) I liked it enough to subscribe via RSS.

You have to agree though - the minister is a good public speaker. I didn't really see him making a fool of himself. Contrast that to uneducated Indian ministers like Atal Bihari. He used to make a fool of himself on a pretty frequent basis. :( We need people like Rahul Gandhi or Sonia at the helm of this country so that we are not represented as a nation of illiterates at the international arena. As much as a I dislike Nehru, he was a flamboyant politician who knew how to carry himself.
@M Bhinder sorry bro don't think Atal was an uneducated fella on the contrary don't even remember when he did a faux pas. I second PJ's thought, the Paki minister was more of a school boy participating in a local debate competition, he doesn't exude grace on te podium that's req of a international persona representing a country
Sucheta said…
M Bhinder - I don't agree with you that Atal was an uneducated fella!! On the contrary I would pass the same judgement on Rahul and Sonia. Do you know Rahul has 0 geogrphy knowledge and once he made himself a laughing stock by saying India is bigger than USA in size.

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